august 2022

spinach, pepperoni, tomato, pumkin – august 31st

for Leah – august 30th

in the making: Unitas In Multitudine – august 29th

august 27th

august 23rd

for Moshe and Henri: Afghanistan02, Ricklingen22, documentation45 – august 22nd
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july 2022

july 31st

spinach, pepperoni, tomato, apple, dried herbs, hydrangea, raspberry, garlic, rose
july 27th

Pangaea 48.647 – july 17th

layout for screenprinting – july 14th

basil, rosemary, rhubarb, celery, gooseberry, currant, chives, tarragon, arugula
july 13th
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june 1st: The „Death Cult“ keeping Russia in Ukraine – Nathalia Antonova in The Bulwark

Russia carries wounds that go back generations. Instead of examining these wounds in order to treat them, the nation has turned to face the abyss. It does not need to be this way. Russia can turn back and take up the work of national healing if the people demand it. But for that to happen, the morbid ideology that demands glorious victory at any cost must be repudiated – by denying the victory.

Russia needs an unequivocal defeat in Ukraine, a seismic event that can knock down the old idols and force a national reckoning.

This must be the end game for the war – and it is why Ukraine’s allies in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere must do everything possible to support Ukraine. If Russia does not break free from the worship of death, peace will remain out of reach.

The Bulwark

Kramatorsk, may 2015
photo: Wolf Böwig

Buchpräsentation Wort im Bild – 100 ausgezeichnete Fotografien

Im Rahmen des 1O Jahresjubiläum wird das Buch Wort im Bild – 100 ausgezeichnete Fotografien | 100 awarded photographs
am 15. Juni 2022 um 19.30 im Robert Musil Museum und Robert Musil Institut in Klagenfurt präsentiert

– während der Tage der deutschsprachigen Literatur im Garten des ORF
– im Lendhafen
– der BV Galerie
– im Jugendstiltheater Klagenfurt
– an der Außenwand des Künstlerhauses Klagenfurt, im Cafè Kamot sowie der Kornstube

…how Shahzia Sikander remade the art of miniature painting:

In 2019, two Persian paintings sold in a private-auction house, in London, for roughly eight hundred thousand pounds each. The paintings were illuminated manuscripts, or “miniature” paintings, and they belonged to the same book: a fifteenth-century edition of the Nahj al-Faradis, which narrates Muhammad’s journey through the layers of heaven and hell. The original book, once an artistic masterpiece, had been ripped apart, reduced to sixty lavish images. Bound, the manuscript was likely worth a few million pounds; dismembered, its contents have sold for more than fifty million.

The dismembering of manuscripts is part of a larger story, a tale of extractive patronage and the passage of empires. The term “miniature” is a colonial creation, a catchall category for a diverse array of figurative paintings that emerged in modern-day Iran, Turkey, and Central and South Asia.

The New Yorker, june 1st

june 2022

collection C.O. – june 27th

bookshelf for client – june 20th

war|rape – first elements layout and framing; 48x68cm – june 18th

collection P.R.M. – june 17th

june 15th

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may 9th: War by another name – Joshua Craze and Wolf Böwig in The Baffler

Sanctions are not a gentler alternative to conflict

With the end of the Bretton Woods system in 1971, the dollar became the world’s reserve currency, used for the vast majority of international trade, and sanctions in turn became an instrument of first resort for the propagation of American power. For a disobedient country, exclusion from the international financial system meant economic death, and the corpses piled up. The Soviet Union and its Eastern European satellites, as well as Vietnam and China, were all severely affected by sanctions during the Cold War.

The morgue grew even more crowded after 1989, which inaugurated what experts call “the sanctions decade,” in which a newly toothless UNSC signed off on America’s pursuit of “rogue nations.” Iraq was an early victim. UNSC Resolution 661, passed in August 1990, shortly after Iraq invaded Kuwait, banned all UN member states from trading with Saddam Hussein’s regime, with some exceptions for medicine and food. The move was intended to force him to withdraw from Kuwait, but that required an American-led invasion. Yet sanctions remained in place for another thirteen years, backed by an ever-changing set of justifications.

The Baffler

may 2022

poster for Lost Panorama; Dhaka|Berlin – may 31st

may 30th

collection P.S. – may 28th

may 27th

may 26th

back|front „in the making“ – may 23rd
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april 2022

for Felix – april 28th

2003|2021 – april 27th

april 24th

april 18th

for Leah – april 12th

april 10th

april 6th

shelf in the making – april 5th

SIGNUM MORTIS: Krieg in Europa – april 3rd

diaries 20|22

To the Ashes

We’re heading into the night. We’re shadows of ash
on transparent stallions.
The piebalds won’t budge.
They just wail and burn.

Whip the horses and see the scars,
scoop water from an empty pail.
Behind us, nothing but loss.
Sail off, but where to? – nothing around but soot

Our dead are everywhere –
in the trees, blossoms and fetes.
That same ash in their mouths
won’t let them wake from death.

The light floods in, but wait; it’s hard
when night falls from your eyes.
When coals in place of hearts
die out and quickly turn to dust.

by Anzhelina Polonskaya

march 2022

march 30th

march 27th

Sri Lankas Tier- und Pflanzenwelt ist äußerst vielfältig und von exotischer Üppigkeit. Im bergigen, zentralgelegenen Ritigala Strict Nature Reserve dominiert Regenwald mit dichtem Unterwuchs und uralten, knorrigen Baumriesen

march 22nd

march 21st

march 19th

Wo an der Nordsee Land und Meer aufeinandertreffen, entstand eine Landschaft von besonderer Eigenart und Schönheit. Wenn wie hier bei der Halbinsel Eiderstadt in Schleswig-Holstein noch das Lichtspiel des Sonnenuntergangs hinzukommt, ist das Naturwunder perfekt – march 18th

march 17th
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