On the ground are some things I would rather not to describe in detail,

but among them the torso and head of a young woman who has blown herself up. Parts of the people she killed are also lying around. I learn later that her name is Rajana Devi and she was in her late twenties.

I am left with the imagining of her last seconds; of the sound of voices and traffic, the curious expressions of those around her, and whatever thought, who knows what it was, that went through her mind before the blinding flash of oblivion.

Fergal Keane – Letter to Daniel

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RIP: Andreas

…last time we met on the road to Donezk.

Andreas Oplatka

upcoming – SIGNUM MORTIS

Von 1990 bis heute hat der Fotograf Wolf Böwig wiederholt Reportagereisen
durch den nördlichen Balkan, das ehemalige Jugoslawien und dessen
Nachfolgestaaten unternommen. Seine z.T. preisgekrönten Bilder spiegeln
die gravierenden politischen und gesellschaftlichen Veränderungen dieser
Region im vergangenen Vierteljahrhundert wider: die Kriege, die nationalen
und ethnischen Konflikte sowie den Wiederaufbau bis hin zu den Konflikten
um die jüngsten Flucht- und Migrationsbewegungen.

Die Vernissage am 5.12.2020 um 15 Uhr wird der Historiker Prof. Dr. Habbo
Knoch, Universität zu Köln, mit einem Einführungsvortrag eröffnen.
Die Ausstellung ist vom 5. bis 20.12.2020 während der Öffnungszeiten des
Kulturzentrums Pavillon zu sehen.

in Kooperation mit dem Flüchtlingsrat Niedersachsen e.V.

mayors for peace

Writers on Art – The Art of the Word

Reading it, it struck me as strange that someone whose life is so centred around the power of words should have looked away from words. Was it just my great-aunt’s language that I thought wasn’t up to the challenge of conveying everything the letter symbolised, or was it language itself that falls short?

It is worth mentioning here that it’s widely believed that the greatest piece of writing – indeed, the greatest piece of art – created about Partition is a short story, called ‘Toba Tek Singh’, just a handful of pages long, by the Urdu writer Saadat Hasan Manto. The story is about the (and I’m using the language of the time) inmates of a lunatic asylum in the district of Toba Tek Singh, near Lahore. When Partition takes place, the lunatics must be divided between India and Pakistan. It ends with one of the inmates lying down in no man’s land, muttering nonsense words: ‘Upar di gur gur di annexe di be-dhiyana mung di daal of di Toba Tek Singh and Pakistan’. A rough translation would go: ‘Upstairs the rumbling the annex the heedlessness the lentils of Toba Tek Singh and Pakistan’. A man speaking nonsense words in a world where reality is beyond what words can convey – that is part of the effectiveness of this story. The Partition of word and meaning. The inability of language to make sense of what is going on, except through conveying senselessness.

Kamila Shamsie

Writers on Art – The Art of the Word




She asks the sunroof to be opend. She wants to acknowledge them,

rises into the evening air to look out over the crowd. She lifts her hand, smiling brightly, and begins to wave. An hour later, crowds are laying siege to Rawalpindi General Hospital, smashing its windows and breaking its doors. Inside, doctors are trying to keep her alive. …





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Das siebte Kreuz – Anna Seghers

Wenn man kämpft und fällt und ein anderer nimmt die Fahne auf und kämpft und fällt auch, und der nächste nimmt sie und muß dann auch fallen, das ist ein natürlicher Ablauf, denn geschenkt wird uns nichts. Wenn aber niemand die Fahne mehr abnehmen will, weil er ihre Bedeutung gar nicht kennt?

Handle hier und jetzt, denn es geht um deine Haut. Mit Hegels Dialektik von Herr und Knecht gesprochen: Nur wenn du dein Leben riskierst, gewinnst du die Freiheit, wirst du Herr deiner selbst, überwindest du die Knechtschaft. Dazu brauchst du diese Hoffnung, wie der deutsche Philosoph Ernst Bloch es formulierte, die in das Gelingen verliebt ist.

Dazu brauchst du auch das Mitgefühl von Menschen, Menschen, die mit Heisler die Kleider tauschen, ihn verstecken. Dazu brauchst du den Mut, dich zu deiner Sache zu bekennen…

Ruthard Stäblein – Redaktion hr2-kultur

Das siebte Kreuz

submission for Watching, Waiting – Empty Spaces and the Representation of Isolation

secondly, the isolation of reporters and photographers who have no direct access to the areas of origin of the refugees and the socio-historical strata of their experiences of violence and who can no longer (more) investigative, well-founded and report from a relationship of trust that has grown over many years

submission for Lange Taylor Prize


My current and future projects continue and extend a long and multi-stop travel experience which has brought me from the Indian subcontinent over the Pashtunistan region to the Balkan as the violent fringe of Europe. They are not only connected by phenomenons like failed states, authoritarian regimes, civil wars as well as hugh waves of displacement and migration, but by various traumas of destroyed illusions after 1945 both politically and socially. As a photographer, artist, and diarist I see my work as a scratched mirror of this broken post-war global utopia of freedom

portfolio I

Though the original photograph remains visible as a core relais between the „before“ of the image and the „now“ of Böwig’s and others engagements with the material, it reflects a fundamental skepticism about truth, the representational validity of his own photographs. Böwig tries to grasp the invisible in what you can see and, at the same time, to raise doubts that we can get a sufficient understanding of what has happened by taking pictures

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