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BLP reedited&diary – february 13|17th

Exposé for Erlangen –  february 10th

RIP: Kai, Silvester and Andreas (†january/february) – february 6th

diary 2017

refusing heaven – reconstruction of the world

Siebdruck, Collage, Text auf FB-print
individualisierter Schattenfugenrahmen, Holz
Unikat, signiert
BRD 21|22 – Italy 20 – Liberia 04

Dear Wolf,

This all looks great. Here is an idea I had. I am going to South Sudan next week for a month, to work up on the Sudanese border. I wondered, if you thought it would be interesting, if you could send me a set of images, like a gift, a letter, that I could take with me: not many, just four or five images I could hold onto, and think about, as I work. And then, I could write a text meditating on your images, seen through the prism of contemporary conflict in the Horn. What do you think?



Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau, Liberia 2004 | 2006

border Uganda | South Sudan 2015

Dear Wolf,

Terrific! … I am doing this to have a chance to think and make together!

All the very best,


Joshua Craze for Matrioschkas – february 4th


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