Call for a demonstration in support of Ukraine’s independence
and sovereignty

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

the Central Association of Ukrainians in Germany (ZVDU) and Kyiv Dialogue invite you to join the European Day of Solidarity with Ukraine in Berlin. In many capitals and cities of Europe will be held rallies on the global campaign STAND WITH UKRAINE. The international literature festival berlin joins this campaign. Together we call on all interested parties to hold a demonstration in support of Ukraine’s independence and sovereignty. We demand the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian borders and an end to the threats against Ukraine!

February 19th at 3 pm | Pariser Platz; Berlin

Maidan Platz, Ukraine
Happy are those who died without ever having had to ask themselves: „If they tear out my fingernails, will I talk?“. But even happier are others, barely out of their childhood, who have not had to ask themselves that other question: „If my friends, fellow soldiers, and leaders tear out an enemy’s fingernails in my presence, what will I do?“

Jean Paul Sartre




image and diary © Wolf Böwig

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