may 2021

Flora – may 27th

for Henri and Moshe – may 26th

may 25th

may 19th

may 16th

diary – may 15th

Its been twenty years since the original Fuck You Heroes was published. A lot of things have changed in our culture, politics, and planet at large. Did any of us think then these cultures would become the standard-bearers? That they would remain standing to this day as they have? Hell no! Nor arguably, did we want them to. Getting radical is something done with immediacy. Yelling at the top of your lungs to influence change is an ideal derived from inspiration and confidence that someone is listening. How is change effected by us? Skaters, punks, the culture of hip-hop, are still to this day seen by the mayority of the population as rebellious. The consciousness of generations now have been influenced, inspired, and realigned, there is no denying this truth. Only a small portion of the uninitiated may not understand. These folks, have done something. Something good. What the fuck have you done?

Glen E. Friedman – My Rules

may 11th

potatoes under appleblossom – may 7th

may 5th

screenprint, calligraphy, zebraskin, stamps, diary – may 2nd

diary – may 1st

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