january 2022

Im Nordwesten von Wyoming schützt der Grand Teton National Park eine wilde Berglandschaft. Der Snake River durchfließt das Schutzgebiet von Nord nach Süd und speist eine Reihe von Seen. Mit etwas Glück kann man an seinen Ufern Elche beobachten – january 18th

january 16th

screenprint over Triptychon | ca.60x120cm – first layout

january 15th

Happy are those who died without ever having had to ask themselves: „If they tear out my fingernails, will I talk?“. But even happier are others, barely out of their childhood, who have not had to ask themselves that other question: „If my friends, fellow soldiers, and leaders tear out an enemy’s fingernails in my presence, what will I do?“

Jean Paul Sartre

january 14th

january 13th

first blossom – january 12th

preparations for screenprinting – january 11th

Marseille, Paris, Capetown – january 9th

second test – january 2nd

screenprint on acryl | first test – january 5th

screenprint over mounted image | first layout for collector – january 2nd

january 1st

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