encounters 1969 – 2020


Brief Vorderseite (abgesendet 1969 Bo Waterside, Grenze Sierra Leone/Liberia)


Wolf Böwig – Bendu Malen 2005 (Grenzgebiet Sierra Leone/Liberia)

In the insanity of killing, the ultimate refinement of horror can be to refrain from killing. Morie was the victim of such an act of cruelty. His entire village was killed to the last man, and he, he alone, was left alive. “They showed me the dead people and made me chief of the village, threatening to kill me if I ever crossed their path again.” Morie’s mother, before the attack, had put her little prince to sleep. In mid-slaughter, gunshots woke the boy to the nightmare of living. “When the rebels found me inside the house, they grabbed my hand and took me to the village, till I identified my father.” There lay his father, in the middle of the apocalypse, still identifiable, “with his belly open and his throat cut.”

by Pedro Rosa Mendes

Black.Light Project 2011

Brief Rückseite (abgesendet 1969 Bo Waterside, Grenze Sierra Leone/Liberia) vom Patenonkel (Waffenhändler) des Fotografen




Wolf Böwig – Lipik/Jugoslawien 1992


Wolf Böwig – Lipik/Kroatien 2019 (Hand/Unterschrift von Dragija- und Ivana Horvat auf Fotokopie)

Collage und Fotografie: Wolf Böwig 1991-2019 für SIGNUM MORTIS



instagram screenshots März 2020

Dear wolf this is me masoud , you must remember me ,in Afghanistan 1995,I,ll be glad if call me,

instagram Nachricht gesendet an Fotografen von Thilo Thielke


Kontaktabzüge Wolf Böwig 1995

Masoud (Übersetzer des Fotografen)

Kabul, Afghanistan und campsite Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Foto und Collage (Peshawar/Mazood) Wolf Böwig 2017 – FAZ, 6.12.2018

Grand Trunk Road Teil 10







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