Collage „carnet du voyage VII“

„The high priest took the first king to the White Mountain and told him that

All your tribe is but God’s open pit. They shall dig their way up to salvation: one soul, one gem.

So the first king, and all our kings after him, had the chosen people digging the big mountain. Children would start carving their path from the bottom of the rock, in ascending circles, getting older, weaker, and greedier as they would vanish from the valley. Their eyes were on the summit, their hands on the hammer.
The sacrifice lasted for all our generations, till now: the White Mountain is no longer. We carved it out: it´s God’s grave.
We buried the high priest under a pyramid of gems, and left in search of a new king.“

by Pedro Rosa Mendes

Collage „carnet du voyage VII“
Kaliwa Lodge, Tanzania 


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