Collage „carnet du voyage VI“

„This foreigner passed here shortly before the war reached this far. The office had not been burned down yet. The foreigner had a letter to send. What do you do for a living, I inquired, while I calculated the distance in stamps from our village to his country.

I send all I know as I learn it, he said, So my children can learn from our distance.

There were five stamps between him and his children: two presidents, two parrots, and one mask in total. Will you take long to return home, I asked, while he organised the stamps with care in the envelope.

Long as they want to grow, he said, handling back the sealed letter.

As the war raged, the letter never left here. I read it often to my children, so they can learn how it was life in peace here.“

by Pedro Rosa Mendes

Collage „carnet du voyage VI“
Kaliwa Lodge, Tanzania


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