april 2023

first layer 112|151 – april 30th

april 29th

layout for screenprinting – april 28th

april 27th

„ … when violence kills trust, art is the space where trust in the other, and by the extension of one´s being in the world, can reemerge …“

Art in the time of Atrocity – Bracha E.Ettinger

april 26th

april 25th

april 24th

april 23rd

april 22nd

april 21st

april 20th

april 17th

april 13th

preparations screenprinting – april 12th

Kunsthaus Göttingen – april 11th

for M. – april 10th

april 7th

april 6th

april 5th

april 4th

april 3rd

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