1995 – january 3rd 2024

Good Afternoon,

I hope you can help me.
I understand that you once exhibited at „Agentur und Galerie für Fotografie“ in Hannover. I believe it was run by a photographer called Chim – I purchased some photographs there some years ago but cannot trace what happened to Chim.
I am hopeful you may have some knowledge of him ?
I would welcome any information you could give me.

Kind regards
Richard Wells

Devon, UK.


Dear Richard,

surprisesurprise – This is Wolf Böwig, former owner of chim – btw. „chim“ originated from David Seymour = is his nickname.

Only the best.
And freedom.


Dear Wolf,

Thanks so much for your reply and information. Ah, so Chim was the gallery’s name. The three small photos I purchased must have been yours. That’s so interesting.



Wolf, I scanned the pictures with titles years ago before framing them in 3 nice square frames – they still look good together.

It must have been in the 1990’s !


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